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Network for Good helps small nonprofits cultivate donor relationships and advance their missions with simple, smart fundraising software, personal coaching, and online resources. As a mission-driven, Certified B Corporation, Network for Good has a legacy of providing trusted support to over 400,000 nonprofit leaders since 2001 and has helped pioneer the online fundraising space, disbursing more than $3 billion to date.

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How Does Your Fundraising Compare to Other Small Nonprofits?

Get a free copy of The Small Nonprofit Fundraising Benchmark when it's complete

How do you know if your fundraising efforts are actually effective?

You can compare your results to last year’s. You can read blogs on best practices and see if you check the boxes. Or you can compare to the industry-standard benchmarks of major nonprofits with multi-million dollar budgets.

But at the end of the day, the best way to know where you stand is to see how your results compare to other nonprofits with a similar size and scope to yours.

That's why we've created a brand-new benchmark report specifically for small nonprofits like yourself.

The small nonprofit fundraising benchmark report will let you:

  • Compare your fundraising performance to organizations similar in size to yours

  • Get specific ideas and tactics to improve key metrics and fundraising channels

  • See what digital fundraising strategies you may be missing out on

About NextAfter Institute 

NextAfter Institute is the training arm of NextAfter, an online fundraising research lab and consultancy focused on helping nonprofits acquire more donors and grow their revenue in order to increase impact and grow generosity.

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Where should we send your free copy of the benchmark report?

Get a free copy of The Small Nonprofit Fundraising Benchmark report when it is completed by filling out the form below.

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